available lab space

When and wherever possible we publicly advertise details of lab space for lease and cooperate with the brokerage community. However, because lab space in the Greater Toronto Area is in such high demand, some clients ask that we market opportunities on a ‘stealth’ basis and the reason is because lab occupiers do not want to have regular business interruptions from companies looking for lab space. They know that publicly marketing excess lab space will result in people knocking on their door and/or calling which will create significant interruptions to their daily business. Accordingly, clients often ask that us to direct potential sub-tenants to submit company abstracts, descriptions of their research and a list of lab equipment required to our team for presentation. If the sub-landlord thinks there may be a fit they will direct our team to introduce the prospective sub-tenant.

Please find below details of wet lab space available in the Ontario Life Sciences Corridor that we are currently able to disclose. Note we are often made aware of off-market options across the Province so please contact us at your convenience to discuss your lab space requirements. We look forward to assisting in any way we can.